Bognor Regis Creative Digital Hub | #BigUpBognorRegis – Hemingway Design tell us about their new initiative to rebrand Bognor
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#BigUpBognorRegis – Hemingway Design tell us about their new initiative to rebrand Bognor

Hemingway Design have launched an initiative to put Bognor Regis on the map of top places to live, work and visit on the South Coast.

Bognor Regis is entering a new phase of opportunity with significant investments having been made recently, including our very own creative digital hub at the train station, the planned enhancements to the seafront and town centre; the University’s new engineering & digital technology park and the new Rolls Royce logistics centre.

To make the most of these exciting developments Arun District Council have appointed internationally renowned multi-disciplinary designers Hemingway Design to create a new place brand for the town.

The aim of the initiative is to boost the image and perception of Bognor Regis and relaunch it as one of the UK’s leading destinations.

Hemingway Design are already involved in a number of nearby regeneration projects, including the new University of Chichester media, tech and engineering building, as well as the Hothamton and Regis Centre regeneration masterplan.

We had a chat with Jack Hemingway to find out more about the project and how he thinks it will helps: “A place brand is much more than a logo or visual identity, it is a comprehensive marketing campaign that gives a town or city a completely new and community-led narrative and identity to support its overall promotion.

“We’ll actively engage with the people of Bognor Regis – from business owners to families and students – to hear about how they really want their town to develop. Then we’ll set about making it happen.

“Only through this high level of engagement will it be possible to deliver an identity that captures the unique spirit and opportunities that Bognor Regis presents and craft a message and tone of voice that all facets of the local community can embrace. It’s also an ideal vehicle to inspire a shift in mindset and create new confidence in the region”.

The move to improve the perception of Bognor follows the successes of other British seaside towns in becoming attractive brands in their own right, such as Margate, Hastings, Broadstairs, Abersoch, Bournemouth and Boscombe.

Jack continued: “In some respects, Bognor Regis continues to punch below its weight and foster negative perceptions both locally and nationally. However unfair these negative perceptions are, they are tangibly holding the town back from capitalising on its natural, historical and cultural assets”.

But, according to Jack, the good news is that Bognor Regis is entering a phase of real opportunity – one which will help present the town in a new, more positive light.

He said:

“Bognor Regis has a whole series of increasingly positive assets which can be celebrated and help counter the mostly unjustified negative perceptions. Timing is often everything and Bognor Regis is entering a phase of real opportunity with significant investment in the town that will attract vibrant and forward-thinking businesses and young people studying and working in high tech industries.

“A place’s identity and values should be robust enough to address and face up to any negative issues with an honest and balanced outlook, and have the framework in place to counter them with overpowering positive messages. All of which we can bring to reality.

“Now is the time to create a place brand identity that showcases Bognor Regis as a forward thinking coastal town that has the natural beauty of the sea and the Downs, is well connected and full of opportunity”.

The new brand should create a solid base for a feel-good factor to develop around the name Bognor Regis, to enable all sectors of the community to positively celebrate this coastal town and attract aspirational businesses, educationalists, students, visitors and new residents.

Hemingway Design aim to deliver a clear idea of what the place stands for; one that truly resonates with and unites its residents, businesses and institutions. And this new identity should positively promote the town as a place to live, work, visit and invest in, while restoring a sense of civic pride in Bognor Regis.

If you would like to help, then the Hemingway team are looking to hear from local residents, businesses about how they want the town to develop and what makes Bognor Regis great.

They’ve set up a short survey to help capture everyone’s views so why not make your opinion known and take part in the survey now

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