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Local team launch digital start-up

This week we met up with Hannah Wales from Fandango Digital to find out what it’s like running a digital start-up, but first, some background: Fandango Digital launched in April 2016 by two ex-colleagues, Carla Forder from Bognor Regis and Hannah Wales, who lives in a village just 4 miles from Bognor town centre. Between them they have bags of marketing experience, for over 11 years Carla worked for different digital agencies along the South Coast and Hannah has over 15 years’ experience working for companies in internal marketing roles. The decision to combine their experience offers clients the view from both sides in terms of business needs and project goals.

Q: Hello Hannah, tell us what’s it like running a digital start-up?

Exciting and exhausting! There are lots of new skills to learn when you first set up any business, but also plenty of resources to help the process, ranging from advice from other business owners and mentors, through to self-research. Carla and I decided to join forces so that we could run a digital marketing business the way we wanted. A typical day will include pitching for business, meeting new clients, managing campaigns, planning and the admin that comes with running a business. So far it’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but very rewarding.

Q: Why did you decide to start a business together now?

It’s something we have both, individually, wanted to do for some time, and this happened to be the right time for both of us. Our strength is in our complimentary skill set and although at times there aren’t enough hours in the day, we’re really glad that we took the leap.

Q: What kind of businesses do you want to work with?

Enthusiastic clients who appreciate the value of digital marketing. Our offices are based in the Hornet in Chichester and where we can we’d really like to support local businesses. Understanding the needs of a business and the campaign goals is the same whatever size of a company or budget, it’s the delivery and results that make the difference – seeing the results, that’s the exciting part for us.

Q: What are your goals and ambitions for Fandango?

Our goal is to create a leading, dynamic, upfront digital marketing agency, and the customer service we provide is at the centre of that. We want to work with clients to achieve their goals and ambitions and Fandango is recognised as an extension of their team. I like to say that a measure of our success will be if we’re invited to our client’s parties! That may sound a bit frivolous, but it would show that we’re part of the same team and share the same goal of delivering success for the business.

Q: What are your views on the Bognor Regis Creative Hub?

I think it’ll be a very positive addition to the existing development that’s happening around the town and local area. It’s great that a landmark like the train station is being used, and the location will hopefully contribute to the success of the Hub. Carla is part of the largest family in Bognor, and has happy childhood memories of time spent in the train station buildings with her family when the social club was located there. It will be great to see the buildings come to life again.

Q: How could the Bognor Regis Creative Hub help Fandango Digital?

As a relatively new business, we’d be interested in networking events and opportunities where we can tell people about the digital marketing services we provide. Also, it would be good to meet with other businesses to exchange ideas and share connections. The Hub will attract talented individuals and businesses that are likely to offer services we can pass on to our contacts. Collaboration is really important.

Q: What help do you need from the community?

Local designers and digital experts would be of interest to us as well as referrals and recommendations, which of course work both ways. If there was a project that Fandango couldn’t fulfil, but knew that the skill-set was available in the local community, we’d be happy to share that contact with a client. A local business community that supports each other would be great for all involved.

Q: Finally, what do you love about Bognor Regis?

Everything: the beach, the new shops that have chosen to open in the town centre, Hotham Park, the Old Cinema which has recently been renovated – it’s all great! We’re hoping that the improvements that are taking place to develop and upgrade the town will attract people from a wider area to visit and start to think differently about Bognor Regis.

Visit Fandango Digital’s website.

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