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Vox Pops: The Community Speaks

At our check-in events we like to find out more about the people and businesses who make-up the creative community in Bognor and beyond. Last month we started a series of Vox Pop style interviews with Bognor Regis’s creative digital community to find out a bit more about their businesses and views on the Hub. We’ll be making this a regular feature, so have a read and get to know each other a bit better.

Chris Bird, Birds Nest+Co.

Q: What is your business called and what do you do?

A: Birds Nest + Co. is a branding and graphic design studio that I launched about 18 months ago.


Q: Do you work in the local area?

A: Yes, from my home in Felpham.


Q. How can the town’s creative community help your business?

A: Collaboration, networking and leads.  I haven’t really explored any networking gatherings or local creative groups and it would also be good to know what’s going on in the local community.


Q: Would you be interested in using the Hub space?

A: Yes, I think so.  It sounds like it would be good place for meetings with clients and contacts.


Greg Parker, NRG Marketing Ltd


Q: Tell us about NRG Marketing, how long have you been in business.

A: We’ve been around for about 10 years and we currently employ four people.  Most of our business is local, within a 50 mile radius of the town, so we occasionally use freelancers.


Q. Is the business office or home based?

A: We all live in the Bognor area and work from home.  Being connected by the digital network means we don’t really need office space.


Q. What’s your view of the creative community in Bognor Regis?

A: The people are very dedicated and enthusiastic, but sometimes not everybody is pulling in the same direction to improve things.


Q: Would NRG Marketing be interested in using the Hub space?

A: Our home working set-up is working well for us, but it would be good to plug into the local creative network.


Carmen Windsor, Mashup Training

Q: MashUp Training is a start-up business, tell us how it’s going?

A: We’re still finalising our website and there’s lots of ideas about the what and how that we need to develop before we can officially launch the business.  We’re a team of three and we all work from home, although I’m the only one based in Bognor Regis.


Q: So, what is MashUp Training?

A: We’re offering training and design courses in digital arts and sciences. At the moment we’re researching the kind of training that’s needed so that we can localise our offering and ultimately serve the community.  One ideas to run Summer Camps as taster tech courses for 14-18 year olds to help them decide the area they want to work in.


Q: How long have you lived in Bognor Regis?

A: I moved here about a year ago and really love living here. I decided to move here from London is because it’s the end of the train line which really appealed to me.  Also, getting up to London is quite easy.


Q: How can the town’s creative community help your business?

A: I’m quite new to the area so networking and finding out about the resources that are available in the local community will be important for us.


Q: How could the Hub space support your business?

A: It sounds like it could be a good space for us to run local training courses and the Summer Camps.


Catherine Jones, Family Friendly

Q: As a startup business how’s it going?

A: I launched the business at the beginning of November and all my time is being spent building up contacts with people and businesses in the local area.  There’s a lot of ground to cover which is great.


Q: Tell us about Family Friendly?

A: It’s a family information service for Bognor Regis and Chichester that includes everything parents need to know about what’s happening and available in the local area.


Q:. Are you office or home based?

A: I left teaching to have a baby two years ago (he’s 11 months), so I’m running the business from home.


Q: It’s early days for your business but do you think you’d use the Hub space when it opens next year?

A:  I’d like to see the meeting space because I can see myself using that.  It would also be good to be connected with the network of other businesses and people who will be using it.


Dana Fisher, Quite Fancy That & Applecart

Q: Is your business based in the local area?

A: My husband and I run two businesses from our home in Barnham.  We used to live in Felpham so we know Bognor Regis and the local area really well.


Q:  Tell us about your two businesses:

A:  Quite Fancy That is a quarterly magazine that’s distributed to local households and businesses in the area.  I do the illustrations and my husband does the design.

Applecart is a distribution company that we’ve been running for 12 years and we employ around 15 people on a self-employed basis.


Q:  How can the Bognor Regis creative community help your business?
A:  Occasionally we use freelance designers and copywriters so it would be good to know what’s available in the community.


Q: How could the Hub space support your businesses?

A: It would be a good facility to use as meeting space for us to meet-up and work together on specific projects.


Timothy Cubed, Sprink

Q.Tell us about your business?

A: It’s design, social media and web design.  I moved to Bognor Regis six months ago and I’m currently on sabbatical so I’m just finding out what’s here in terms of the network and opportunities.


Q: Would you be interested in using the Hub space?

A:  I work from home, so definitely for client meetings and presentations.  Also, I’d be interested in using any studio space if it’s available.


Q: What the best thing about Bognor Regis for you?

A: The people.

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